University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering



Selected Publications

  • B. Kinariwalla, T. Dobry; Programming in C, (EE 150 class notes).
  • B.K. Holmer, B. Sano, M. Carlton, P. Van Roy, R. Haygood, W.R. Bush, A.M. Despain, J.M. Pendleton, T. Dobry; "Fast Prolog with an extended General Purpose Architecture"; 17th International Symposium on Computer Architecture, (May 1990)
  • T.P. Dobry, A High Performance Architecture for Prolog, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Jan 1990.
  • Tep Dobry, "The Xenologic X-1", Xenologic Inc., NORTHCON 88 (Oct 1988)
  • Tep Dobry, "A High Performance Architecture for Prolog", PhD Thesis, Technical Report UCB/CSD 87/352, Computer Science Division, University of California, Berkeley, (May 1987)
  • Tep, Dobry, "A Coprocessor for AI;LISP,Prolog and Databases", Xenologic Inc., COMPCON Spring 1987, (Feb 1987)