University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering



Title: Positron Emission Tomography Guided Prostate Biopsy, $205,000, SBIR/STTR grant, in collaboration with Queens Medical Center, Start date: 9/1/04; End date: 6/30/06; sponsoring agency: National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute.

$50,000 extension of Electric and Hybrid Vehicle (EHV) National Data Center (NDC), to 12/03.

$100,000 extension of Simulation and Validation in Bio-Photonics, to 6/02.

Title: Enhancements to Web System Support for Remote Monitoring and Diabetes Self-Management, Dollar amount: $126,000 Start date: 9/1/00; End date: 8/31/01; No cost extension to 8/31/02; Sponsoring agency: HMSA Foundation

Title: Telemedicine on the Internet Remote Monitoring and Screening or the Ohana Health Project; Dollar amount: $202,500, Start date: 9/1/99; End date: 8/31/00; Sponsoring agency: Department of Defense via Georgetown University Medical Center;

Title: Dollar amount: $1,746,725, Start date: 5/1/95; End date: 12/31/00; Sponsoring agency: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) via Hawaii's High Technology Development Corp.;

Title: Simulation and Validation in Bio-Photonics; Dollar amount: $570,000, Start date: 4/1/97; End date: 12/31/00; Sponsoring agency: Hamamatsu Photonics K. K. of Japan;

Title: Center for East-West Medicine Projects, international support for research, Ministry of Education, Taiwan, ROC, July 1996-2000, $237,000.

Title: ACTS and Supercomputing in Remote, Cooperative MedicalTriage Support and Radiation Treatment Planning, also known as Project