University of Hawaii

Department of Electrical Engineering

Project Reimbursement Policy

Policy for Distribution of EE x96 Project Funds

Limited funds will be available from various donors to the department to support student EE x96 projects. This document provides the policies and procedures for distributing those funds.

  1. Funds are meant to support parts, consumables, and incidentals needed by the student to build or complete his/her project. As a guideline, items a student would otherwise expect to pay out-of-pocket, and would expect to take away with them at the completion of the project are the types of items that will be supported.
  2. These funds are not meant to be used for infrastructure, test equipment, or software licenses the would become permanent fixtures in any lab. Other sources of funding should be used for such items.
  3. Except in unusual circumstances, funding will be limited to $250 per project per year. Exceptions to this limit will be considered only with written justi cation from the project advisor as to why extra funds are required for the project.
  4. Students wishing to apply for support funds should submit a written request (hardcopy or electronic) to Tep Dobry, which includes the following:
    • Student(s) name(s) and contact information (email address, phone number),
    • A description of the project and semester for which funding is requested,
    • An itemized list of items for which funding is requested, with costs,
    • Justification for these items,
    • Overall budget for the project,
    • Other sources of funding (if any),
    • Endorsement by the faculty advisor for the project.
  5. Major changes to requests should be made in writing.
  6. Request may be submitted anytime during the semester and will be approved on a rotating basis, pending availability of funds. Students and faculty advisors will be notified of approval of requests via email.
  7. Once approved, the EE Office (located in Holmes Hall 483) will be informed, and students should submit original receipts, credit card statements, and any other documentation required to the EE Office to process reimbursements. Reimbursement documents should be provided to the EE Office in a timely manner, but no later than two weeks before the end of the semester for which the funding is requested.
  8. Any questions concerning use or availability of funds should be directed to Tep Dobry.